Forehead lift

Forehead lift is a cosmetic method and counteracts the effects of gravity and aging on the skin. As we age, our facial skin loses its strength and elasticity due to a decrease in muscle strength, and this usually causes wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrows and sunken cheeks, and relatively large wrinkles appear on the skin. Women in their early 40s and 50s experience these unpleasant changes. Today, with the help of facelift surgery, these effects of aging and aging can be greatly reduced. Do not be fooled by the loud advertisements of cosmetics companies, there is no face lift cream or lotion that uses it to pull the skin of the face and make it firm and firm. These products are not the skin of the face, they are raising your money.

Factors affecting forehead lift surgery

Sex and age of the patient

The shape and condition of the patient’s eyebrows

The degree of drooping of the patient’s eyelid

Condition and extent of forehead wrinkles

The condition of the hair on the head, if the patient has baldness, the condition and severity of this baldness

Patient expectations from surgery

Benefits of forehead lift

A smooth and calm forehead shows a youthful appearance. Unfortunately, for many people, the forehead is the first part of the face where the signs of aging appear.

Deep frown lines and grooves may appear along the forehead in the early 1930s, as sun damage, gravity, and stress reduce skin elasticity and wrinkle.

Gravity is a common cause of forehead changes in some people.

In others, forehead wrinkles may be due to overactive facial muscles or the cumulative effect of years of frowning. The result is a tired look that does not improve with sleep or relaxation.

While Botox and skin fillers are a great way to deal with forehead wrinkles, they have limited effectiveness before they penetrate the skin if you have a lot of wrinkles or sagging forehead skin.

Forehead lift surgery is a more invasive surgical procedure that can dramatically tighten the forehead by removing tissues and muscles, especially sagging skin in the middle of the forehead.